Study on E-cigarettes Shows Increased Poisonings in Canada

08 Aug

E-cigarette are touted as a safe alternative to a tobacco cigarette. However, a new report published in the U.S. cautions that they may be the cause of an increase in poisonings. Is the trend the same in Canada too?

A report released earlier this month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. showed that the number of e-cigarette related calls received by the poison control centers in the U.S. increased from one call per month to as many as 200 calls per month by 2014.

According to information provided by all of the five poison control centers across the country, anecdotal reports point towards a similar trend in Canada as well. nicotine-ecig-poisoning-on-the-rise

The Canadian Association of Poison Control has determined that the liquid nicotine used in e-cigarettes is the culprit. Liquid nicotine comes in disposable or refillable cartridges. If the cartridge is not refilled properly, or it happens go into wrong hands, the nicotine liquid could cause eye or skin irritation and vomiting or nausea.

E-cigarettes with nicotine have not been approved by Health Canada, unlike the U.S. Therefore, it is not possible to sell e-cigarettes and e-liquids that contain nicotine in Canada without obtaining the necessary approval. Further, the agency has not disclosed any information as regards the number of applications filed.

In a written statement to Global News, Gary Holub, Health Canada spokesperson, has said that as of date sufficient evidence as regards the potential benefits of using e-cigarettes by Canadians as a means to quit smoking is not available and risks outweigh the benefits.

He added that to get their product authorized, companies should submit proof as regards effectiveness, quality and safety. He also noted that in the absence of scientific evidence, Health Canada would continue to advise Canadians to refrain from using e-smokes and has outright banned nicotine loaded electronic smoking devises.

According to Rob Cunningham, senior policy analyst, e-cigarettes are not promoted by the Canadian Cancer Society as well. He said that the society would recommend only nicotine replacement products such as gum, lozenges, patch, inhaler and mouth spray that have been approved by Health Canada.

However, these actions have not prevented Canadians from accessing e-cigarettes that contain nicotine. Cunningham said that some consumers are able to obtain electronic smoking products that contain nicotine either through some brick and mortar or online stores irrespective of the fact that the sale of these products is not approved.

Health Canada does not keep track of the adverse effects caused by a product that is not approved for sale in Canada. Further, a national call database is also not available. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain the number of calls related to poisonings from e-cigarettes.

For example, only 12 exposures to e-fluids containing nicotine have been recorded over the last two years in B.C. The Centre for Disease Control in B.C. told Global News that the figure may not be accurate as they have done only a superficial scan.

In Alberta, it is not possible to identify calls related to e-cigarettes poisoning at all. A spokesperson said that statistics related to e-cigarettes are not being maintained currently as they are relatively new products.

However, Ontario logged as many as 10 calls last year, which included two kids and teens each and six adults. According to the poison control centre in the province, they receive more number of calls related to children’s exposure to real cigarettes. This is because of parents leaving ashtrays in the open and children picking up butts from the streets or playgrounds and taking whole cigarettes out of pockets.

Do Electronic Cigarettes In Canada have nicotine?

28 Mar

You should know that  electronic cigarettes in Canada may not contain nicotine according to what the law says. If you come across a brand that does offer you such a choice and allows you to pick from one level of nicotine strength then you must look for other brands as those are illegal and potentialy harmful or even lethal. Most major brands of electronic cigarettes across the USA offer various levels of nicotine strength, at least four in most cases.

If you have smoked an e cigarette in Canada before then you will know that you might or might not like it. Whether you will like it or not will depend on many factors. One of those factors is the “0″ nicotine strength. If you have been smoking a very strong tobacco cigarette and have made the switch to electronic cigarette in Canada then you will certainly not like an e cigarette that comes with no nicotine and should combine it with nicotine gum or patches.

To choose the right nicotine strength for your electronic cigarette outside of Canada, you need to know how it is mentioned in e-liquids and you need to indulge in some trial and error to find the ideal one.

• Nicotine strength is either stated as mg per ml or in percentage. The different nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes typically are 24 mg/ml, 18 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml, 8 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml and 0 mg/ml. The latter is obviously void of any nicotine and the first one is obviously the strongest. There can be variations and certain brands may opt for any other strength in that range or beyond the 24 mg/ml. The same levels as mentioned here can also be stated as 24%, 18%, 12%, 8%, 6% and 0%. You should read them accordingly.

• Once you note the strength of the nicotine in an electronic cigarette, you must try it out to know for sure whether you will like it or not. If you like stronger flavours then you must opt for higher nicotine strength. Try out 24 mg/ml and 18 mg/ml to know which one you like better. Once you know for certain, continue with the strength you have liked. If you like weaker strengths then try out the no nicotine, 6 mg/ml and 8 mg/ml to know which one will be ideal for you.

How To Choose A Great Flavor Of Electronic Cigarette In Canada

21 Mar

If you have ever bought an electronic cigarette in Canada or have read about them then you will know that there are many flavors that you can choose from. Unlike traditional cigarettes which mostly come in strong, mild and mint flavors, there are at least 100 different flavors of electric cigarette in Canada to choose from.

Many people confuse flavor and nicotine strength and it is necessary to clear any such air. Nicotine strength is the quantity of nicotine present in the e-liquid. Flavor is the taste of the vapor that you get. The two are not correlated but they are interrelated in some ways. For instance, nicotine strength does impact the flavor and a flavor does impact the nicotine strength. The stronger the flavor, the weaker the nicotine strength would appear to be even if the nicotine content is as high as 24 mg/ml. It is important to segregate the two while choosing a flavor as otherwise it would be difficult to arrive at any inference.

• First, you must know which flavors you might like. If you like mint leaves, that doesn’t imply you will like menthol flavored e cigarettes canada. If you like chocolate, that doesn’t imply you will like chocolate flavored electronic cigarettes. The flavors in real life or the natural flavors are very different from the flavors of vapor that you get. You must imagine if you would like that flavor in a vapor when what you want to do is smoke a cigarette essentially.

• There are innumerable people who would never try out any flavor in electronic cigarette. They like their cigarettes to be strong, have sufficient amounts of nicotine and they don’t want any flavor but the high that nicotine gives them. If you belong to this group of smokers then the maximum distance you can tread is try out a vanilla flavor but never opt for strawberry or anything that is beyond the conventional world of smoking.

• There is no way of figuring out if you will absolutely love a certain flavor or absolutely hate it. You have to try it out to know for sure. You can certainly ask others or read reviews to understand what kind of taste and aftertaste a certain flavor would have for you but you cannot read to experience it. You have to try out the flavors and live it to know how it is and how you feel about it.

Begin With A Starter kit When buying an E-cig In Canada

24 Jan

When you shop for any electronic cigarette , you will come across several types of Canadian e-cigarette starter kits . There will be the usual basic or advanced starter kit or the standalone disposable electronic cigarettes. There will be larger packs in varying sizes. There can be sets of two, three, four, ten, twenty or more. There are refill packs and some packs come with one or two round of refills as well. There are packs only comprising of e-liquids and there are packs comprising of only the electronic cigarette without the liquid, anticipating that a person may have some e-liquid in stock.

Which pack should you buy when you are buying an electronic cigarette in Canada? If you have already tried a certain brand, have liked it and know what kind of nicotine strength, flavor and the pack size you want to buy, then you are already aware of exactly what you want. But if you are trying a new brand, buying an electronic cigarette for the first time or you are unsure of a new flavor or new nicotine strength which you have not experienced earlier, then it is always best to go with the starter pack.

The reason why a starter pack is the best choice is quite easy to understand. One, you will be saving money. Larger packs come with discounts and when you buy packs of ten or twenty, your cost per electronic cigarette Canada may come down as much as half of the cost of one when you do the math. But still you do pay for ten or twenty cigarettes at the half price of one and that amounts to a substantial sum of money. When you buy a starter pack, you are basically buying the least expensive electronic cigarette from the particular brand.

Two, you will not have to waste the e cigarettes canada remaining in the pack if you don’t like it. You should not presume that you will like all electronic cigarette flavors or nicotine strength, even if you love the brand. Smoking is a completely personal experience and what you like may have nothing to do with the brand, flavor, nicotine strength or the quality of the electronic cigarette. It is best to try out a single piece of electronic cigarette, flavor and nicotine strength and only when you are satiated should you go for larger packs.